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Trade Ally Network

Need help to see if your site can successfully use a CHP system to lower your energy cost, reduce GHG emissions, improve power quality or increase resilience and reliability? Your first step should be the DOE's Onsite Energy Technical Assistance Partnership in your area.

CHP TAPs promote and assist in transforming the market for CHP, waste heat to power, and district energy technologies/concepts throughout the United States by providing support for end users and stakeholders, as well as, providing free technical screening and review services for end users for CHP project development. See the DOE Onsite Energy TAPs page for details.

The natural next step is to seek out experienced engineering support to further evaluate whether CHP makes sense for your facility, develop your CHP project plan, design your CHP system and/or execute and deliver your CHP project.

Trade Allies listed on this page are companies that provide specific consulting services or licensed consulting engineering services for CHP systems. This listing of CHP trade allies is assembled from the U.S. EPA CHP Partnership program and utility CHP program trade allies. The list of Trade Allies is provided as an informational source. Accordingly, it is the user's responsibility to investigate and determine the technical capabilities and reliability of the Trade Ally prior to entering into a contract for services. This listing is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of CHP Trade Allies.

Consulting Engineers

Consulting Engineers generally provide professionally licensed CHP engineering services such as technical modeling and analysis, equipment selection for design basis, plans and specification development, final design, documentation, and investment grade financial analysis.

CHP Consultants

CHP Consultants generally offer feasibility assessment/analysis, system design, preliminary equipment selection, initial project financial analysis, request for proposal development, sustainability analysis, regulatory analysis, 3rd party reviews and project owner representation.

The U.S. DOE does not endorse any particular market provider, consulting engineer, manufacturer, product, labor or system design by offering this program; does not expressly or implicitly warrant the performance of installed