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YANMAR America
Packager YANMAR America
Contact Peter Goldsmith
Address 101 International Parkway
Adairsville, GA 30103
Phone +17708779894
Company Description
YANMAR America Energy Systems is the regional headquarters for North, Central and South America of YANMAR Co., Ltd. YANMAR Co., Ltd. produced its first 9.8 kW CHP system in 1998, launching the CHP business. In 2003, YANMAR Co. reached sales of 1,000 CHP units, and in 2010, launched a 10 kW model for YANMAR America. Since that time, sales of CHP units exceeded 10,000 units in 2016. Additionally, YANMAR America has introduced two additional models, 5 kW and 35 kW, to the American market. YANMAR America's Energy Systems division is focused on sizing systems for residential and commercial applications, including restaurants, hotels, multi-family housing, nursing homes, YMCAs, schools, offices and more. In addition to offering units and accessories, we also offer a 24/7 remote monitoring capability.
Service Capabilities
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