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Tecogen, Inc.
Packager Tecogen, Inc.
Contact Elliot Rogers
Address 45 First Ave
Waltham, MA 02451
Phone +17814666482
Company Description
Tecogen was formed in the early 1960's as the R&D/ New Business Center of Thermo Electron Corporation. For the next 20 years, this group performed fundamental and applied research in many energy-related fields to develop new technologies. In 2000, Thermo Power was dissolved, and Tecogen was sold to a group of private investors, including Thermo Electron's original founders, Dr. George Hatsopoulos and John Hatsopoulos.We have been there first, with innovative, new and better ideas, on numerous occasions. We have commercialized, refined and supported these pioneering concepts over the long haul for the benefit of our customers.

We invented the nation's first packaged cogeneration module back in 1982, and have led the industry with:

The first standardized natural gas engine-driven chillers in 1987
The first R-134a-based engine-driven chillers in 1999
The first (and still only) California Rule 21-certified engine-based cogeneration module in 2002
The first inverter-based engine-driven CHP units in 2008
The first engine-based emissions controls able to meet California's latest strict emissions standards in 2011

With over 2,800 units shipped, Tecogen has an industry-leading reputation for delivering quality, technically superior products that reduce energy costs, cut greenhouse gas emissions and alleviate congestion on the national power grid. With over 75 employees, Tecogen is constantly expanding our engineering, sales and service staff to accommodate our ever-expanding fleet of equipment. Our factory service centers are located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, New York City, New York State, New Jersey, Michigan, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Area Supervisors make sure that every technician has a complete supply of locally stocked parts and is well trained. Our Field Service Technicians are dedicated to working on our products, and no one else's. Service Centers hold a variety of state licenses for general, plumbing, electrical and refrigeration contracting.