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RSP Systems
Packager RSP Systems
Contact Juan Cuadrado
Address 175 City Island Avenue
Bronx, NY 10464
Phone +17189916999
Company Description
As the exclusive Capstone Green Energy distributor for NY/CT/OH, RSP Systems offers a wide span of on-site energy solutions. We understand a Reliable-Secure-Power System is essential for our customers’ success. To meet these energy goals, we work to understand their requirements and then facilitate the design & deliver the most cost-effective system available. Our cornerstone technology is the Capstone Green Energy® microturbine. This modular and scalable technology offers best in class performance and low emissions. RSP Systems can integrate multiple technologies including solar, battery storage & thermal storage. Additionally, we can support your thermal requirements including heating, hot water, absorption chillers & heat recovery steam boilers. RSP Systems can integrate any/all these energy systems into a tailored “micro-grid” system. These systems can be designed for grid parallel, stand alone or dual mode, and optional UPS devices for flicker free support during power outages.
Service Capabilities
Facility Integration Support
Economic Analysis - ROI Reports
Electrical Utility Interconnect Applications
Remote Monitoring and Data Mining
All Inclusive Service Program Factory Protection Plans (FPP)
24/7 Field Service by our Factory Certified Technicians