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NLine Energy, Inc.
Packager NLine Energy, Inc.
Contact Mr. Nate Turner
Address 403 Portway Avenue, Suite 300
Hood River, OR 97031
Phone +15413124044
Company Description
NLine Energy, Inc. is an industry leading, US-based, full service, OEM, manufacturer, developer, integrator, and financier of energy recovery power generation projects.

The Microsteam® turbine is a patented, proven, 275kW plug-and-play, non-condensing, back pressure turbine system with >30 installations to date. Our assembly facility is located in Cheyenne, WY.

The Microsteam® turbine is designed to operate in parallel with a pressure reducing valve (PRV) to recover the energy that is wasted through the PRV. With an >80% generating efficiency, it is the world's most efficient back pressure turbine. Generation can be Induction or Synchronous, behind the meter, net-metered, remotely monitored, and can be used to create a micro grid.

Of the >30 installations in the USA, and worldwide, the majority have been in health, education, and forest products sectors.
NLine offers a number of sales options ranging from direct sale, turnkey installation, to Power Purchase Agreement options.