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Martin Energy Group
Packager Martin Energy Group
Contact Kevin Rohrer
Address 70150 U.S. 50
Tipton, MO 65081
Phone +13143007700
Company Description
Martin Energy Group (MEG) has been a leading CHP company since 1976. We have manufacturing in three locations (MO & PA) and manufacture systems using any engine brand that is desired. Our in-house capabilities include project and product design, feasibility studies, engineering, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, remote monitoring, maintenance and service, engine rebuilds, controls and instrumentation, programming, to name a few. With over 500 operating systems in every climate and industry, our depth of knowledge and experience is widely acclaimed. We are the leading supplier in North America of biogas and other alternative fuel-based CHP packages. MEG offers direct sales, leasing, and financed options through ESA/PPA/ESPC. MEG is also a capable EPC option for a full turn-key experience.
Service Capabilities
Martin Energy Group has multiple service hubs located across the USA & Canada. We can accommodate any service issue, including entire engine overhauls. We also have $3 million plus stock of parts to support our service technicians and allow for emergency repairs. Additionally, unlike many other CHP companies, our facility contains test cells where we performance test all manufactured systems to ensure minimal installation issues and commissioning times. With our extensive market experience, dedicated manufacturing and service facility, extensive stock of parts, highly skilled technicians, and state of the art remote monitoring systems, Martin Energy Group has been able to achieve industry leading uptimes across our fleet, and to contractually guarantee performance levels. Extended warranties are also available for purchase. A service contract can be tailored to your needs for durations as long as 20 years.