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Horizon Power Systems, Inc.
Packager Horizon Power Systems, Inc.
Contact Sam Henry
Address 3440 Morningstar Drive
Farmington, NM 87401
Phone +18552567697
Company Description
Horizon Power Systems provides cost-saving microturbine CHP packages to customers in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah & Wyoming. We offer application, design and lifetime service for these low-emission systems from Capstone Turbine -- the world's leading manufacturer of clean-energy microturbines. One moving part and no oil or liquid coolant means high reliability & minimal maintenance costs. CHP microturbines produce hot water, steam and/or chilled water, increasing energy efficiency from 28% to over 80%. Add cooling & efficiency can reach over 90%. Horizon Power works with you to determine your power & thermal energy needs, then assists in designing the most cost-effective system. We provide ongoing maintenance via our Capstone Authorized Service staff, 24/7 Service Call Center and extensive parts inventory. For a fixed annual cost, a Factory Protection Plan (FPP) covers planned & unplanned parts and labor, including overhauls.
Service Capabilities
Factory Protection Plan (FPP)
Our FPP offers predictable and stable “all-in” cost protection support for any product related issue in the field for up to 9 years. The FPP covers maintenance costs and protects from potentially costly unscheduled maintenance.

Authorized Service Providers (ASPs)
Horizon Power Systems’ factory trained professionals provide full-service capabilities in the field whenever needed.

Capstone Service Network (CSN)
Horizon Power monitors and records key data on the operation and performance of your microturbine(s) 24/7/365. Service is performed by factory trained and certified technicians to minimize system downtime.

Parts and Repair
Horizon Power maintains an ample parts inventory to maximize availability in the field.

Our service staff regularly attend trainings at Capstone Turbine’s Factory Service Training Center to ensure all certifications are up-to-date. We also participate in online training for key skill refreshers.