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Packager Cummins
Contact Ragheed Azzo
Address 1400 73rd Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55432
Phone +16517876275
Company Description
Cummins continuously explores emerging technologies and provides integrated power generator products. We use our own R&D capabilities as well as those of our business partnerships to develop cost-effective and environmentally sound power solutions. Our customer base is highly diversified varying based on their power needs. India, China, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Latin America and the Middle East are our largest geographic markets outside of North America. We design, manufacture, sell and support diesel and natural gas high-horsepower engines up to 5,500 HP for a wide variety of equipment in the mining, rail, defense, oil and gas, and commercial marine applications throughout the world. We design, build and support packaged CHP systems for applications requiring coincident electric and thermal capacity. We also design, manufacture, sell and support A/C generator / alternator products sold under AVK and range in output from 3 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) to 12,000 kV.
Service Capabilities
Cummins provides sales, service and support for our global customers which encompasses a wide-range of products and services, including power generation systems, high-horsepower, heavy duty, and mid-range engines, application engineering services, custom-designed and manufactured assemblies, retail and wholesale aftermarket parts, and in-shop and field-based repair services of all types. Cummins is known for commitment to quality, performance and products built to last. In service, we make it our business to understand the customers' priorities and partner in their success. Whether in our shop or in the field, Cummins has the technical expertise and experience to deliver fast, high-quality repairs, planned maintenance and upgrade solutions. Our local distributor locations offer a complete range of Cummins products and Cummins genuine parts and they ensure the supporting parts availability and the custom engineering requirements necessary to keep customers operating 24/7.