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Clean Energy Technologies
Packager Clean Energy Technologies
Contact Mr. Kam Mahdi
Address 2933 Catalpa Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone +17144011031
Company Description
Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETY) designs, builds and markets renewable and energy products and solutions. CETY offers a suite of zero emission heat recovery solutions and waste to energy products as well as engineering and manufacturing solutions focused on other energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies.
The CETY Integrated Power Module (IPM) is a proven 140 kW magnetic bearing turbine-based waste heat generator that was acquired from GE with 27 global patents. The IPM is operating at more than 100 installations worldwide with over 2 million fleet operating hours.
CETY organic Rankine Cycle systems operate at 14% efficiency with zero emissions and no manned operation required. The IPM design lowers maintenance requirements with no oil, no lubricants, and one rotating part that is hermetically sealed in a single housing. 85% of CETY systems are identical with only 15% variation to meet site requirements. This is a true packaged system.
Service Capabilities
Because of the CETY Integrated Power Module design with maintenance free mag bearing turbine technology, only one scheduled site visit is required per year (full inspection, leak check, calibration, filter checks & replacement).
Remote diagnostic assistance and normal spare parts subject to customary wear are offered in accordance with maintenance program.