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Utility-Level Customer Engagement Network

Peoples Natural Gas
Customer Engagement Network Peoples Natural Gas
Contact Mr. William Sapon
Address 375 North Shore Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone +14122584539
Program Description
Peoples Natural Gas (Peoples) is the largest natural gas LDC company in Pennsylvania, providing reliable, low cost natural gas service to approximately 740,000 customers in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. We are in the business of energy, and as such, we're always interested in teaming up with businesses to help our customers be successful. We want to help our customers utilize combined heat and power (CHP) and other alternative renewable energy solutions to save big on their energy bills, meet their CSR goals, and embrace sustainable development.

Peoples provides natural gas service to CHP facilities at Duquesne University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Chatham University, Energy Innovation Center, Firestone and Nor-folk Southern Railroad. In addition, we use CHP to power our own office facility in Etna, PA. We are technology agnostic and work directly with CHP manufacturers and representatives. Peoples also works with Energy Contractors who support CHP design including LLI Engineering, Centrica Business Solutions and IMG Midstream. CHP Systems benefit the community and the environment by optimizing the heat and power delivery service to the customer. Peoples believes the opportunity to capture the benefits of economic plentiful gas produced in Pennsylvania to heat and power buildings will save customers money and generate economic development in Pennsylvania. The process of generating two energies from one combustion cycle or chemical reaction significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Peoples has progressive programs that support the development of CHP. We believe these programs will reduce barriers to such CHP deployment within our service territory. Peoples is very well positioned to promote CHP to its customers. We provide competitive distribution services and competitive commodity partners, so that customers can see real savings. Peoples is also interested in supporting the development of projects in this area for two reasons one (1) adding CHP to our energy portfolio will be key to meeting our sustainability goals of significantly reducing our carbon footprint and two (2) customers considering on-site power generation through a CHP solution are also interested in utilizing renewable natural gas (RNG) as their primary fuel for cogeneration. CHP and RNG will both continue contribute to Pennsylvania's goal of reducing statewide GHG emissions 26% by 2025 and 80% by 2050. Talk to William about CHP at