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Utility-Level Customer Engagement Network

PECO, an Exelon Company
Customer Engagement Network PECO, an Exelon Company
Contact Mr. Frank Nicosia
Address 2301 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 08021
Phone +18562964459
Program Description
Headquartered in Philadelphia, PECO is Pennsylvania ’s largest electric and natural gas utility, delivering power to more than 1.6 million electric customers and more than 532,000 natural gas customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. PECO is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation (NASDAQ: EXC), the nation’s leading competitive energy supplier​.​

PECO's Combined Heat and Power custom measure falls under Pennsylvania's ACT 129 Phase IV Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program requirement for electric distribution companies with at least 100,000 customers.

CHP Incentives are available up to $2.0 million for installing a CHP system at your facility.

All commercial, industrial, government and institutional customers (rate schedules HT, PD, GS and EP) in PECO’s service territory.
Eligible projects must meet the following criteria:
• Prime mover technology is gas or steam turbine, reciprocating engine, or fuel cell.
• Designed to be base loaded and utilize thermal heat recovery.
• Installed, operational and approved by PECO on or before May 31, 2026.
Installation must be at the customer’s facility and provide 100% of the energy benefits as stated in the application for a period of 20 years or for the life of the equipment, whichever is less. PECO has the right to claim a pro-rated amount of any incentive paid if the customer ceases to be a distribution customer of PECO, or removes the equipment or systems at any time during prescribed system life above.
The incentive is performance based and will be equivalent to $0.10/kWh of net production (gross CHP electric output less parasitic load) for a period of one year. Incentives are capped at 50% of project cost or $2,000,000 whichever is lower. Contractor labor costs can be considered in the total project cost, while customer internal labor costs cannot.
Once the project is commissioned and considered operational PECO will coordinate to arrange for system trend data capture to establish system performance.

Metering Agreement
The customer agrees to meter CHP system data in order to satisfy the terms of the incentive payments. System data includes, but is not limited to, time stamped values of: power output (kW), electricity production (kWh), parasitic loads (kW), and thermal energy production (MBtu/hr).
Technical Assistance
PECO is interested in helping customers evaluate CHP and partners with the U.S. DOE’s MidAtlantic Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership (CHP TAP) to work with sites to screen for CHP opportunities and provide additional technical assistance to reduce risk along the project development process.