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Utility-Level Customer Engagement Network

North Shore Gas
Customer Engagement Network North Shore Gas
Contact Allen Dusault
Address 5450 North Cumberland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60656
Phone +13128780038
Program Description
North Shore Gas is a subsidiary of the WEC Energy Group. North Shore Gas delivers natural gas to approximately 164,000 customers in Chicago’s northern suburbs. The utility is regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission. North Shore Gas is affiliated with Peoples Gas and has similar CHP goals and strategies.

North Shore Gas operates energy efficiency programs that encourage customers to adopt energy efficiency measures, including CHP. CHP, like other energy efficiency measures, can help customers reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. Franklin Energy is the implementation contractor for energy efficiency programs at both utilities, and manages the CHP program implementation.

North Shore Gas offer two types of financial support for CHP: engineering study incentives and project rebates. Engineering study incentives up to $15,000, subject to pre-approval, are available to support CHP feasibility studies, investment grade audits, or process evaluation. Half the incentive is paid upfront, and the balance is paid upon project completion.

CHP rebates depend on the amount of natural gas saved, with savings calculated based on the methodology outlined in the Illinois Statewide Technical Reference Manual (TRM). Rebates up to $500,000 (not to exceed 50% of total project cost) are available for private and public sector customers as follows:

• Private sector – $1/therm ($10/MMBtu)
• Public sector – $2.5/therm ($25/MMBtu)

Additional information can bne found at:
Technical Assistance
Providing technical assistance to end-users can help them overcome initial project hurdles and transition to more detailed project assessments. North Shore Gas plans to continue their current technical assistance activities and engage in new activities focused on the eCatalog. Current technical assistance activities include:
• Continue to engage with customers on engineering and feasibility assessments.
• Partner with the Midwest CHP TAP for additional technical assistance support and feasibility studies for customers interested in CHP.
• Further develop internal staff knowledge related to CHP and provide technical assistance to potential customers/end-users using packaged CHP eCatalog as resource.
• Incorporate the eCatalog into current engineering and feasibility studies and related marketing materials.
• Coordinate with packaged CHP suppliers and solution providers and encourage the use of the eCatalog to help accelerate the adoption of packaged new CHP products.
• Coordinate with the Midwest CHP TAP, the MCA, and other stakeholders on educational events such as end-user demonstrations and site visits.