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Utility-Level Customer Engagement Network

Nicor Gas
Customer Engagement Network Nicor Gas
Contact Anthony Lopez
Address 1844 Ferry Road
Naperville, IL 60565
Phone +13312231298
Program Description
Nicor Gas:

For six decades, Nicor Gas has been serving Illinois customers with clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas. As the state’s largest natural gas distributor, and owner and operator of one of the largest natural gas aquifer storage systems in North America, Nicor Gas delivers the comfort and convenience of natural gas to 2.2 million residential, public sector and business customers in more than 650 communities throughout northern Illinois. The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) offering from the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program is a clean and efficient approach to generating power and thermal energy. The offering provides incentives that can make it more economically viable for commercial, institutional, and industrial customers to employ CHP to reduce their energy consumption.

The CHP offering also provides feasibility studies at no cost to standard energy efficiency rate payers. Production incentives pay out at $1.00 per therm offset from the boiler as defined by the Illinois Technical Reference Manual, based on a 12-month measurement and verification period.
For more information, visit, email us at, or contact Anthony Lopez at 331-223-1298, or Ben Campbell at 312.996.2781.
Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance Associated with Nicor Gas
The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program CHP offering provides prospective CHP owners and operators the following technical assistance:
1. No-cost assistance through the application process
2. No-cost feasibility studies

Application Assistance
The Nicor Gas CHP offering provides technical assistance to interested customers throughout the CHP feasibility study application, pre-approval and final application processes. Activities include:

• Providing education on the concepts, benefits and opportunities of CHP
• Conducting site walk-throughs of facilities to determine the customer’s interest for CHP, objectives, priorities, etc.
• Performing a preliminary analysis of the clients’ facilities and provide feedback on potential energy and operational savings with CHP

Feasibility Studies
Nicor Gas provides direct funding to the Energy Resources Center to cover the cost of a CHP feasibility study. The detailed CHP feasibility study assists a customer to make important decisions about their facility by providing key information on CHP project feasibility. Qualified projects are eligible for a no cost CHP feasibility study.

Please visit or contact Anthony Lopez ( or Ben Campbell ( for more information on the CHP feasibility study.
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