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Utility-Level Customer Engagement Network

Baltimore Gas & Electric
Customer Engagement Network Baltimore Gas & Electric
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Address 110 W. Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone +14102901202
Program Description
Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) is Maryland’s largest gas and electric utility, delivering power to more than 1.2 million electric customers and more than 655,000 natural gas customers in central Maryland. The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) program is offered as part of the utilities’ EmPOWER Maryland energy efficiency programs and is an additional component of the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program®.
The CHP program is intended to provide customer incentives that will make it more economically viable for Commercial and Industrial customers to employ CHP to reduce their energy (kWh) consumption and demand (KW) usage. Eligible CHP systems must be sized to meet all or a portion of the customer’s on-site load, not to exceed 100% of most recent historical annual consumption or peak demand. Incentives are not available for CHP systems that serve off-site customers, exports to the grid, or are not located on the customer’s property.
Incentives under the program are calculated by the system capacity and three payments are comprised of a Design Incentive, Commissioning Incentive, and a Production Incentive.
Tiered Incentives: Less than or equal to 50kW - $2,000 per kW; Between 51kW and 200kW - $1,600 per kW; Between 201kW and 1MW - $1,200 per kW; Greater than 1MW - $800 per kW.
1) Design Incentive: 10% of total incentive at project approval, subsequent to signed commitment letter and acceptance of minimum requirements document.
2) Commissioning Incentive: 30% of total incentive after installation is complete, subsequent to commissioning of the CHP system and BGE inspection.
3) Production Incentive: 60% of total incentive after receiving 12 contiguous months of actual kWh generation data received within 24 months of project installation, subsequent to review of metering data. Payment will be prorated, based on actual kWh generation and will be capped at 60% of total incentive. For example, if the actual kWh generation is 80% of estimated, the Production Incentive will be decreased by 20%.
Project Caps: The maximum incentive any one CHP project could receive is $2.5 million. A limit of one project per customer site every 3 years applies.
BGE seeks to assist those customers who are interested in CHP and be able to make more informed decisions about possible participation in the CHP Program. A dedicated CHP outreach specialist is available to assist applicants through the entire process.
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Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance
BGE offers prospective CHP Program participants a dedicated CHP consultant who can assist them throughout the application process at no cost. Some of these activities include:
• Engaging with potential program participants to provide assistance on an on-going basis throughout the entire application process.
• Conducting market-sector focused group meetings to encourage board consideration of CHP.
• Providing potential program participants with the most current information on additional Federal, State, and Local CHP incentives or grants to make their projects economically more viable and thus encourage them to take up CHP.
• Conducting walk-throughs of facilities and determine the client’s interest for CHP, scope, objectives, priorities, roles and responsibilities, time line, deliverables, and communication and feedback mechanisms.
• Performing an analysis of the clients’ facilities using an energy model and provide feedback on energy and operational savings, life cycle cost benefits, estimated pricing for materials and labor for a suitable CHP project.
• Conducting an engineering analysis of third-party feasibility studies for new CHP projects.
• Conducting an ASHRAE-level 2 walk-through with customer recommended project developers.
• Preparing a complete financial analysis and present CHP installation options via the Power Purchase Agreement, Ownership option, Equipment Lease, etc.
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