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Utility-Level Customer Engagement Network

AEP Ohio
Customer Engagement Network AEP Ohio
Contact Michelle Cross
Address 301 Cleveland Ave SW
Canton, OH 44702
Phone +13304387028
Program Description
The Combined Heat and Power and Waste Energy Recovery Program (CHP/WER) supports the installation of high efficiency, sustainable and cost effective projects in AEP Ohio’s service territory as allowed by SB 315.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a cogeneration strategy which involves the generation of both electricity and useful heating (or cooling). CHP is a thermodynamically efficient method of generating electricity because it utilizes waste heat for local heating or cooling. The CHP program is focused on incentivizing and enabling development of efficient CHP systems.

Waste Energy Recovery (WER) is an alternative approach of generating electricity through capture and reuse of waste heat. Heat recovery technologies frequently reduce the operating costs for facilities by increasing their energy productivity.
Technical Assistance
For a free CHP Screening to evaluate your site for CHP feasibility contact:

U.S. DOE Midwest Combined Heat and Power Partnership (Midwest CHP TAP)
Cliff Haefke, Director
Phone: 312-355-3476

Or (for Ohio Manufacturers' Association Members, and other Manufacturing Facilities)

OMA Energy Efficiency Peer Network
Contact: OMA Energy Consultant, John A Seryak, PE
Phone: (614) 268-4263 x302
(937) 474-5196 cell
For more information, see: