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NLine Energy, Inc.
Provider NLine Energy, Inc.
Contact Mr. Nate Turner
Address 403 Portway Avenue, Suite 300
Hood River, OR 97031
Phone +15413124044
Company Description
NLine Energy, Inc. is an industry leading, US-based, full service, OEM, manufacturer, developer, integrator, and financier of energy recovery and power generation projects.

The Microsteam® turbine is a patented, proven, 275kW plug-and-play, non-condensing, back pressure turbine system with >30 installations to date. Our assembly facility is located in Cheyenne, WY.

From project inception to final commissioning, our staff of engineers and project managers execute and deliver projects to the full satisfaction of the client. NLine manages all civil, mechanical, and electrical installation contracts guaranteeing projects are completed in accordance with our design specifications. Commissioning of the entire system also includes full facility staff training.

Annual & Five-Year services per our Operation and Maintenance Agreement is executed by NLine ensuring turbines remain in OEM condition.

Ownership and control activities are performed by NLine for Power Purchase Agreement projects.
Energy Services and/or Financing
NLine Energy, Inc. offers financial packages as follows;

Leasing available through First American Lease Financing, with multi-year terms, based on project and corporate financial analysis

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) offered with varying return rates and term lengths based on project-specific analyses
Assurance Plan
With each Microsteam turbine package, NLine Energy offers a Service and Maintenance Agreement to ensure units remain in OEM condition. The service and Maintenance Agreement has a five-year term and is renewed every five years upon completion of the fifth-year service (details below).

NLine outlines a daily, weekly, monthly operation and maintenance schedule for owners to execute, in conjunction with an annual service by an NLine service engineer every 12 months. Included in the annual service by our service engineers, NLine provides for the supply of all lube oil, filters, gaskets, O-rings, bearing grease, and control batteries as needed.

Upon the fifth anniversary of the initial commissioning of the MST, and in subsequent five (5) year intervals, NLine provides a full inspection of the MST. Prerequisite to the inspection is contingent upon the MST being in an undamaged condition, in good working order, less ordinary wear and tear, and certification by Customer that the MST has been maintained and operated in accordance with the MST Operation and Maintenance Manual. Certification is subject to NLine verification.