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Provider GreenStruxure
Contact John Freeze
Address 800 Federal Street
Andover, MA 01810
Phone +17042414487
Company Description
GreenStruxure, a joint venture bringing together Schneider Electric’s industry leading expertise in renewable energy and CHP-based microgrids and Huck Capital’s sustainability-focused investments, launched in September 2020 to deliver modular, standardized Energy as a Service solutions to commercial, industrial and governmental medium-sized buildings in the U.S.

GreenStruxure is simplifying and accelerating the market adoption of renewable energy microgrids, offering an innovative outcome-based alternative for building owners and operators who want sustainable, cost-effective, resilient, onsite energy delivered to them hassle-free as a service with no upfront capital expenses or operational risks.
Energy Services and/or Financing
The GreenStruxure Energy as a Service offering delivers commercial, industrial, government and infrastructure customers the energy outcomes they need with no capital upfront or operational risks. This is accomplished through the design, construction, financing, ownership, operation and maintenance of onsite CHP systems and microgrids, which provide renewable, resilient, reliable, cost-effective and predictable energy.
Assurance Plan
Greenstruxure partners with industry-leading experts to manage building, operating, and maintaining CHP and microgrids systems. The company integrates tested, easy to build and future proof modular microgrids and an IoT asset and energy management platform to deliver competitive energy costs, best in class asset utilization, performance and real time energy optimization services. Long term contracts (10-25 years) are offered to deliver energy outcomes customers need with no capital upfront or operational risks.