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Carter Machinery Company, Inc.
Provider Carter Machinery Company, Inc.
Contact Jack McKenna
Phone +14432500291
Company Description
Carter Machinery Company, Inc.(CMCO) is one of Caterpillars largest worldwide Power Systems Dealers and a leader in Prime Power / CHP systems, providing support to the developer and consulting community. As the genset manufacturer’s exclusive agent, CMCO provides Long Term Service Agreements to meet the specific needs of the customer. Packaged systems, designed by Cat and CMCO, are specifically configured to decrease service labor hours, decreasing the cost of Long Term Service and system Life Cycle Cost (LCC) as well as increasing system up-time for higher owner revenue. In all cases, the end user enjoys the benefits of Cat gensets reliability / efficiency and renowned Local Service with Cat Certified technicians and Local Parts availability through the CAT “World Class” Parts Distribution Network – providing 98% availability in 48-hours and 96% in 24-hours.
Energy Services and/or Financing
Working with our energy partners and utilizing our in-house Engineering and Project Management Teams, we provide an array of options from Equipment Sales (including switchgear) to Engineering and Equipment Sales to Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) services to providing system ownership and financing on a Design, Build, Own Operate and Maintain (DBOOM) basis, each as desired by our customers.
Assurance Plan
All factors relating to owner costs are included in the pro-forma so you can be confident of receiving the benefits indicated.
Being the parts and service entity for the genset, equipment and switchgear allows CPS to control costs, meet response time requirements, keeping the system up, operating and maximizing revenue. Typical system up-times are in the range of 92 to 95%.
CPS will enter into agreements with appropriate minimum capacity and up-time clauses.